The Latest SnapChat Business Manager Interview Questions and Answers: SnapChat business manager | Business Insider

If you want to make sure your SnapChat startup has the right people, it’s important to ask some questions, Axios’ Justin Chang says.

Here are his advice on hiring the right business managers.


Can you show your business manager a video of your business’s first quarter?

“There’s a lot of questions I’m hearing, but one thing that’s clear from all the questions I’ve gotten is that the questions are about video,” he says.

“So if you want someone to actually work on the video, I think it’s a really important thing.”

He suggests you do a video, and then send them a link.

Chang recommends asking, “What did you do in the first quarter?” and “What are you seeing in your business today?”

It’s also a good idea to put in some feedback on the footage if you can, he says, because “that’s the thing that people are going to be most willing to look at and respond to.”


What’s your personal goal?

“That’s a tough one, but I’m not really sure what that means,” Chang says of what you’re looking for in a manager.

He also says it’s helpful to ask about a specific time frame, such as your first quarter, or whether you’re in a “dramatic transition.”


What are you most excited about about?

“I think a lot is about building a team,” Chang adds.

“I’m looking for a manager that can build the team, and be someone that understands the team.”


What is the one thing you want from your business?

“My biggest thing is to build something really exciting,” he continues.

“And if that’s something that you’re building, I want you to be able to deliver that.”


What can you say to people that might not have heard about you?

“If you’ve got a few minutes, you can reach out to me and say, ‘Hey, I have a question about your business,'” he says of a business owner.

“That might be really helpful.

If you’ve already reached out to somebody, it might help them out a lot.”


Is there something you’re not comfortable asking questions about?

If you’re hiring a business manager for a startup, Chang says, it pays to have a few questions in mind before hiring someone.

“Ask these five questions, and let them answer the questions,” he advises.


What would you like to know about your startup?

“One of the things I would love to ask is: What’s the value of your product to your customer?

And then what’s the price of your service?

And I would ask questions about: Are you solving a real problem for them?

And what is the product that they are buying?

And are they getting the value for what they’re paying?”

Chang says the questions you ask about your product and service should be about your customers.

“The only way to find out is to actually use it, so let them know what they can expect,” he adds.


Do you have any other tips?

“We’ve always said, if you’re doing it for your business, you’ve gotta have the right team,” he notes.

“A lot of times people just don’t know who the right person is.”

If you need to know, ask your co-founder.

He’s a business strategist and consultant, Chang adds, who has been “working with startups for more than 10 years.”

Chang recommends interviewing at least three business leaders before you do your hiring, but he also suggests taking the time to go through a list of potential candidates.

“People need to have confidence in the company they’re hiring,” he explains.

“They need to be confident that the team is really good.”

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