How to find the right business management course for you: A guide

Business management courses are becoming increasingly popular as businesses become more tech-savvy.

But for those looking to master the art of managing your business, there’s no shortage of options available.

So we decided to put together this list of the top 10 business management courses on offer.


The Art of Managed Care and Operations Management from the University of Chicago.

This course is designed to be a step-by-step guide to business operations and management.

Topics include: business, business development, business management process, sales, customer service, information technology, human resources, information systems, customer care, marketing, finance, marketing and communications.

The course is offered by the Chicago Business School and offers an average of $39,300 in tuition.


Entrepreneur’s Mind: The Art and Science of the Entrepreneur from the Wharton School of Business.

This is a self-paced, hands-on business course for new and experienced business owners.

Topics range from how to build a successful company to how to create a thriving brand.

The average cost is $45,800, and there are multiple online options.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stanford University.

This online course teaches how to develop a successful business through a series of case studies and an entrepreneurship workshop.

Topics in the course include business strategy, business and marketing strategies, business models, the entrepreneurship business, marketing tools, and how to be successful.


Introduction to Business from Stanford Business School.

This courses focuses on business development and business operation.

Topics cover topics like: business models; business strategies; management; employee compensation; sales and marketing; compensation and benefits; compensation of senior management.


Advanced Business Management from Stanford and Wharton.

This hands-off course offers an easy to follow, hands on approach to business administration.

Topics covered include: accounting, finance; accounting software; auditing; financial analysis; financial modeling; business processes; accounting and finance; legal and tax; and business and legal topics.


Introduction To Entrepreneurs and the Entrepreneurs Business from the George Mason University.

The business and entrepreneurship course covers topics including: business model, marketing strategies; employee salaries; compensation; employees; compensation packages; corporate governance; and corporate governance.


Entrepreneurus Business from Wharton Business School has a strong focus on technology.

Topics that focus on this technology include: software, software and systems, analytics, business intelligence, customer support, social media, mobile marketing, mobile development, and business networking.


The Business of Entrepreneurs: The Science of Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurships from Stanford.

This three-part course is aimed at people with a business or technology background.

Topics focus on how people make decisions and how they make them successful.

Topics: entrepreneurship, business, entrepreneurship business management 8, business strategy 9, entrepreneurship 10, entrepreneurship course, business operation, entrepreneurship source CBC The Business Business of Venture from the Stanford Business school.

This two-part online course is a great introduction to the business world and a great way to learn how to start a business.

Topics covering topics like how to think about the business, start your business and how a business works.

The cost ranges from $49,900 for the introductory course to $64,200 for the advanced version.


Entrepreneurope: A New Approach to Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneurs in a Changing World from the Business School of Northwestern University.

Entrepreneureurope is a three-course online course designed to provide business leaders with the latest insights and best practices to build and grow their businesses.

Topics included: how to launch and sustain a successful venture, how to connect with customers, how and where to network, how, when, how much, how long, and the importance of networking source CBC 9, Entrepreneurs on Business from University of Toronto and Whampoa College.

This one-hour course is the culmination of a two-year research project and aims to be the premier online course on entrepreneurship.

Topics are covered such as: the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, how entrepreneurship is different from other business models and how it can help a business succeed, how it benefits the customer, and what to do to make a successful startup.


The Entrepreneurs Handbook from Whampawa College.

A one-day online course covering topics including how to run a business and make the most of your time in it.

Topics discussed include: how you start a company, how business owners learn to make decisions, what makes a great entrepreneur, and why it’s important to build strong relationships with your peers.

What’s in the Business of Business at the Whampawas Business School?

Business owners need to know what to expect when they start a new business.

They need to learn the basics of how to manage the business’s finances, how employees work together, how their customers use their business and what they’re looking for in their customers.

Business owners must also understand the importance and importance of marketing

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