Eindhoven:  “We are not a big corporation” – A Dutch business manager is a bit of a mystery

Eindhouten is a small Dutch city located in the Netherlands.

It is home to more than 200,000 people. 

Its a town of about 6,000.

The town is a working class community. 

It is the same with the people of the Dutch capital.

Its the same in the U.S. as well. 

We are a small town of 4,000 with an annual budget of more than $7 billion.

 Its no wonder why people are curious about us. 

Our businesses are small and the community is friendly.

But what does the world think about our businesses?

 We dont have the clout of large companies like Amazon, Netflix or Starbucks.

Our small-time businesses dont have enough funding to be worth the hype that comes with the success of a multinational.

We dont even have a bank.

We dont have a real market.

We have a niche.

And this niche is our local beer.

We dont know if it will take off or not, but its not for lack of trying. 

The Dutch beer business has been on the rise since the early 2000s.

It has become an increasingly popular product in many countries and is a huge market for us.

But its not as much of a big deal as it seems.

The beer industry is very fragmented.

Weve been seeing different beer brands in different parts of the world.

This fragmentation can have a negative effect on the quality and quantity of beer.

It also means that many of our brewers are getting paid a very small amount of money to make a beer.

The result is that our local market has not yet caught up with the international beer market.

This is not to say that our beer is bad.

Its not even to say we dont have good beer.

In fact, we have great beer.

But it doesnt mean its good.

Its a lot of work for the small-town brewer.

So, whats the point of trying to be a multinational if you cant even create a product that makes money for the people that buy it?

In other words, whats going on here?

I have to admit, Ive heard a lot about how beer is a good thing.

Ive heard about the beer that makes you feel like youre at a party.

It makes you smile, makes you laugh and makes you want to have a glass of beer in the evening.

Ive also heard stories about the amazing quality of our beer and how it makes people happy.

But is this really the case?

How do we know that our beers are really good?

I dont know.

But I know that I dont want to spend money on something that doesnt make money for me.

If I wanted to buy a beer, I would probably buy something else.

I dont need a beer that is made in a big factory in the United States.

I would want something that is handmade by a small artisan.

Its my local beer, and I want it to be better.

My local beer is not worth anything, and its the only thing Ive bought in my entire life.

Its been my only beer since I was a child.

Its not my local craft beer that I want to buy, it is my local brand.

The only thing that matters to me is how the beer tastes.

Its just me and my taste buds.

This is why Ive tried to become a global business.

I have tried to create a beer brand that is better than the competition.

To accomplish this goal, I need a partner.

I need to get a big beer company to invest in me.

And I need investors to buy into my beer.

But how do we find these investors?

The way to find these big investors is to have an existing beer brand.

But thats not what weve done.

Instead of a brewery or distributor, weve been focusing on creating a local beer brand in a small community.

Its called a “beer garden”.

I am sure many of you have heard about beer gardens.

These are beer gardens where people can get together and brew beer.

They can have beers brewed by themselves or with a friend.

Its a small business model, but it works.

I love it.

What weve found is that people love it and want to support local brewers.

Weve also found that these beer gardens can also help our local community.

They offer a sense of community and an opportunity to create some new jobs in the community.

We are creating jobs in this industry.

I mean, if you dont like working at a brewery, you dont have to do it at a beer garden.

Now thats not to take away from the fact that these jobs are great for our local economy.

They help people in our community.

But we dont want our beer to be something

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