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Business manager at a Florida restaurant who was given a bad performance review was fired and his company has been accused of failing to do its job.

A man who was laid off for not doing the job he was hired to do, but has now been fired for a bad job interview, is now facing a lawsuit.

Scott Wicks, president of the Florida Restaurant Association, told ABC News his organization has a responsibility to provide the best possible work experience to its employees.

It is important to know that we have a process in place for hiring managers to conduct an employment investigation if the employer fails to perform the job it is supposed to be performing,” Wicks said.

The lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County Superior Court says the restaurant lost a job offer after a bad review.

The company told Wicks that the manager did not have the skills to do the job.

Wicks says he found out about the problem after a customer complained to him.

He says he had been a regular at the restaurant and was the supervisor of servers and bartenders.

Wicked said he was put on administrative leave and he was terminated for not meeting the expectations of the job that was being done.

The lawsuit says Wicks did not receive a severance package and that he was told that he would not be allowed to work in Florida.

Wick said the company had hired him for a $30,000 job interview and that the company offered him $25,000. “

I don’t think it was a bad decision, but there should have never been an investigation,” he said.

Wick said the company had hired him for a $30,000 job interview and that the company offered him $25,000.

Wicks says when he refused to give up the money he was fired.

The company says Wills termination is due to a “failure to perform” by Wicks and he has not been allowed to resume work in the restaurant.

Wicking says he does not want the company to be penalized for a good business performance.

“The fact that they did not give me the job is unacceptable,” he told ABCNews.

“It should have gone to the hiring company, not the termination.

I have no sympathy for the management of that restaurant.”

Wicks attorney, Robert Zaslak, said his client would like to see the company put in place an employment policy that would address the process by which the employer evaluates a job applicant.

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