Why are business management graduates more likely to be graduates?

Why are the business management graduate’s graduates more unlikely to become executives than those with more traditional professional experience?

A new study from The University of Glasgow (UG) suggests that this difference is largely due to the “difficulty of securing funding”.

The study, published in the Journal of Management Research, examined the characteristics of graduates from business management programs, with a particular focus on the challenges they faced when obtaining funding.

The researchers say that the difficulty of obtaining funding was a significant reason for graduates’ decision to choose management programs.

“This is because business management programmes offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of the amount of time you can devote to the programme and how much time you spend on the course,” said Dr. Claire Kelly, the lead author of the study and a senior lecturer in business management at the University of Glamorgan.

“In addition, the course is well structured and offers a solid grounding in relevant business skills and the business processes involved in achieving a particular goal.”

In order to determine which types of business management students were more likely, the researchers surveyed students at three business management schools in Glasgow and Dundee.

The study also compared the characteristics and career trajectories of graduates who had attended business management program courses with those who had not.

The results revealed that graduates who attended business administration programs had a significantly higher unemployment rate, and also had higher levels of educational debt.

Dr Kelly explained that the study is a valuable insight into the motivations of business administration students who are attracted to the opportunity to earn a degree.

“Our findings suggest that those who have the opportunity of going to business administration have higher unemployment rates and lower levels of financial education, and are more likely than those who do not to be interested in becoming CEOs,” she said.

“In addition to the higher unemployment and financial challenges that these graduates may face, these graduates also have a higher level of educational and job insecurity.”

Given the importance of these types of graduates in the workforce, it is important that they receive the appropriate support to maintain their current level of education, as well as a degree that will allow them to achieve their career goals.

“According to the study, graduates with a high level of financial debt are also less likely to pursue a career as a business administrator, and the study shows that the higher the degree obtained, the less likely that a business manager’s experience will help him or her gain an appropriate level of employment.

Dr. Kelly added that the findings from the study suggest that business administration graduates are not “just as bad as other people”.”

Business administration graduates have higher levels, particularly of financial stress, which in turn, makes it difficult for them to pursue their careers,” she explained.”

It is therefore vital that these students receive support and encouragement from employers to maintain a level of degree in order to maintain employment.

“Source: The Irish Post

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